As a leading hospitality group with a global, multi-business footprint, we offer a full spectrum of operational, business development and management roles, as well as opportunities to collaborate and contribute across geographies and cultures. In addition to an enriching work experience and the sense of belonging to a supportive family, our associates find great meaning participating in a business that strives for the Greater Good.

We offer abundant opportunities for growth

Diversity, Equality, Inclusion

Banyan Group commits to promote an inclusive environment; free from discrimination and encourage all associates to look beyond one-self and embrace each other’s unique differences in religion, nationality, culture, ethnicity, physical abilities, sexual orientation, language, age and etc. 

We ensure our associates and applicants are treated fairly, equally and without discrimination. In addition, to benefit a larger and more diverse stakeholders, our associates, customers, communities, suppliers and service providers.

Our Commitments are:

  • To create a working environment that promotes dignity and respect for every associate.
  • To not tolerate any form of intimidation, bullying or harassment, and to discipline those that breach this policy. 
  • To make training, development and progression opportunities available to all associates. 
  • To ensure all associates are aware and obliged to comply with its requirements and promote fairness in the workplace.
  • To monitor associate workforce composition to identify areas of inequality. 
  • To monitor applicants for jobs, training and development, grievances, disciplinary action, dismissals and other reasons for leaving. 
  • To encourage anyone who feels they have been subject to discrimination to raise their concerns so corrective measures can be implemented.

Human Capital Team

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