A regenerative business for the greater good

As a global hospitality group operating in locations around the world, we rely on the beauty of natural landscapes to create exceptional experiences for guests, and to build distinguished brands that instil pride and integrity in our associates. 

Through the Banyan Tree Global Foundation, we aim to generate stewardship of these destinations, and extend our efforts beyond the precautionary approach to not just protect, but enhance both the physical and human environments where we operate. 

Our Foundation works to:
  • Embed sustainability in our experiences
  • Provide fair and dignified employment to associates while elevating their job prospects
  • Enable long-term prosperity for communities through business conduct, operations, and addressing issues facing the community
  • Mitigate the environmental impacts of our operations, and take an active role in the protection and remediation of global ecosystems
  • Conduct business in a fair and transparent manner while working with partners to enhance societal benefits