Spa & Wellbeing

8 pillars of wellbeing

We believe that we are all interconnected — through the connection to self and through the relationship of self with others and nature.

Our award-winning Banyan Tree and Angsana spas, along with the new 8LEMENTS Spa, bring this philosophy to life through personal wellbeing practices that are evidence-based, accessible to the wellbeing-curious, and built on the ethos of authenticity and sustainability.

Each journey is designed around our proprietary 8 key pillars:

  • Connection
  • Growth
  • Groundedness
  • Nourishment
  • Rest
  • Movement
  • Practice
  • Mindfulness
The Rainforest at Banyan Tree Spa Samui

Combining the best of European spa and hydrothermal therapy with the essence of Asian wellness philosophy, we create a haven of serenity, warmth, and comfort. Each of our nine hydrothermal therapy options was designed to soothe and revitalise different parts of the body, for a holistic and rejuvenating experience.

Hot Springs in Tengchong

The volcanic highlands of Tengchong are famed for their hot springs, and our Banyan Tree resort offers a personal hot spring pool in every accommodation. Meanwhile, our award-winning Angsana Spa features a lush, extensive Outdoor Hot Spring Area, and 43 signature mineral-based outdoor hot spring pools with different themes.

Beyond & Retreats

Beyond is more than a wellness platform. It's a transformative wellbeing companion meticulously designed to fuel your overall wellbeing. Immerse yourself in captivating experiences and embark on thoughtfully crafted Journeys inspired by destinations worldwide.

Gifts for Good

Discover purposeful gift-giving with Banyan Tree Gallery and Banyan Tree Essentials.

Our Galleries carry responsibly-sourced indigenous products that create instant connection with a place and help us conserve global heritage while sustaining artisans’ livelihoods.

At Banyan Tree Essentials, find our exclusive line of lotions, aromatherapy oils, incense sticks and cones that are over 95% natural, cruelty-free, with no sulphates, parabens, synthetic colouring, unsustainable palm oil or mineral oils.