Asian Chicken Lettuce Wrap

Starting to eat a little bit healthier may be a resolution for both children and adults in the coming year. You might be looking to avoid heavier meat in the interim after the holiday season. Maybe you’re looking for healthier options to your favorite takeout dishes. Or perhaps you are a parent of a picky eater and are looking for novel approaches to encourage your children to eat their vegetables. Which of these situations best describes you? If so, give this Asian chicken lettuce wrap a try; it might be just what you’re craving!

This Asian Chicken Lettuce Wrap is the ideal starter or main course replacement for rice because it is low in carbohydrates while still being stuffed with delicious protein. The standard menu item at American-Chinese restaurants like P.F. Chang’s is a chicken lettuce wrap. Shredded chicken, diced vegetables, and a mouthwateringly savoury, sticky sauce are generously piled into lettuce cups. Imagine it as a tiny lumpia, but without the wrapper. If you want something that is both healthy and filling at the same time, choose the chicken lettuce wrap.

Quick and easy to make from home, this Asian chicken lettuce wrap will surely become a new favorite!

Asian Chicken Lettuce Wrap

What’s in this Asian chicken lettuce wrap?

Meat and vegetables

Savory and satisfying, this dish has CDO Homestyle Chicken Flakes in Oil as its main protein. It’s tender and tasty, with the slices so thin and flaky you won’t have to worry about tough parts! Easy to digest and enjoy, these chicken flakes make for the perfect alternative to any heavy beef or pork that you might’ve indulged in over the holiday break. Plus, their compact size makes it even easier to cook as well!

But not all of the chicken in this lettuce wrap is chicken! A variety of vegetables are used to make your dish both hearty and nutritious. The dish’s carrots, which are the first ingredient, not only give it a vibrant orange color but also a dynamic texture. Similarly, singkamas add a depth of flavor that perfectly complements your chicken lettuce wrap. You can combine these with your green, white, or red onions to create a dish that is oozing with flavor. Of course, you’re assembling these parts on a tasty and crisp lettuce leaf. This chicken lettuce wrap is evidence that consuming vegetables need not be unhealthy.

Yummy, sweet, and savory sauce

However, this chicken lettuce wrap is exceptional for more reasons than just the meat and veggies. A delicious and utter umami sauce has been added to this already delicious dish. With the different flavors coming to life, the combination of soy sauce, vinegar, sesame oil, and hoisin sauce produces a seasoning that is incredibly tasty and vibrant. To give the dish a nuttier and richer flavor, some people even add peanut butter or peanut oil. You won’t want to eat your chicken lettuce wrap without it again once you’ve tried it, though!
Asian Chicken Lettuce Wrap

How to make Asian chicken lettuce wrap

Making your Asian chicken lettuce wrap just couldn’t be simpler! Most of your time will be dedicated to chopping up your vegetables and ensuring you have just the right size for your wraps. But the cooking process itself is incredibly easy! You’ll be stir-frying your vegetables, which means cooking your dish with little oil on high heat. This quick cooking method will ensure that you get to enjoy your food in no time!

After you’ve minced and diced up your veggies, wash your lettuce with running water and peel the leaves apart. Once you’re finished, heat oil in a wok and sauté your onion for 35 seconds. Add 450 grams of CDO Homestyle Chicken Flakes in Oil. Cook your chicken flakes until you’ve let the liquid evaporate completely, after which you add your carrots and singkamas. Cook for 1 minute, then add soy sauce, vinegar, sesame oil, and hoisin sauce. Stir your chicken and veggies together. For additional flavor, add your green onions! Don’t forget to season with salt and ground black pepper to taste.

Transfer your chicken to a serving bowl and serve alongside your fresh lettuce. If you want, you can scoop up some of the chicken mix yourself and assemble the chicken lettuce wrap for your guests already! Regardless, your dish at this stage is ready to go! Serve it, share it, and enjoy it with your loved ones!

This new year, let’s make a toast to eating healthy — which doesn’t mean that you can’t eat deliciously, too! Let us know what you think of this Asian chicken lettuce wrap!

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