Ube Macapuno Ice Cream

With only five ingredients and no ice cream maker required, making ube macapuno ice cream is incredibly simple. It’s your upcoming favorite frozen treat because it’s rich, creamy, and has an intense ube flavour.

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You guys are in for a real treat! This homemade ube macapuno ice cream will satisfy your sweet tooth thanks to its strong ube flavour and generous macapuno strip garnish.

Wafers with ube flavor are optional but highly advised.

My cooler is constantly filled to the brim with a wide variety of flavor combinations, including mango and buko pandan, because I am so fixated on making my own frozen yogurt at home.

When you give this easy no-brainer a shot, you won’t ever again choose frozen yoghurt from your neighborhood store! Customized is more affordable, and infinitely better tasting, and you can unquestionably make a group without a frozen yoghurt maker or expensive equipment.

ube macapuno ice cream

Supportive tips

Try not to utilize ube halaya. I had an unopened jug in my storeroom, and I thought I’d skirt the additional work of planning purple sweet potato by utilizing it all things being equal. Serious mix-up as the frozen yogurt had the rich, luxurious surface I was searching for yet was excessively sweet for my taste.

Flush and channel the macapuno saves well as they’re typically pressed in weighty syrup which can make the frozen yogurt sweet.

I was lucky to find a new ube on one of my outings to Seafood City, and I recently bubbled and squashed around one cup worth of tubers to use in this frozen yogurt. Assuming you’re in the U.S. also, have just admittance to the frozen (currently cooked and ground) sweet potato sold in bundles, try to press it dry as the overabundance of fluid will cause ice gems in the frozen yogurt.

Try not to skirt the ube removal as besides the fact that it uplifts tone, yet it likewise extends the flavor.

Weighty cream is the groundwork of no-beat frozen yogurts, however, you can trade it with an equivalent measure of coconut cream (first extraction or kakang gata) in the event that you need a veggie lover treat. You can likewise utilize Nestle’s generally useful cream.

For ideal volume, have every one of the fixings freezing.


Cover the container with plastic film, gently pressing it on the surface of the whipped cream to prevent ice crystals.

Check this ube macapuno frozen yogurt out. It’s so fast and simple to make; you’ll be stunned by the way rich and velvety it turns out with little exertion. Serve it in a cup or on a cone for a definitive frozen treat!ube macapuno ice cream


Combine heavy cream, congealed milk, and crushed ube in a large bowl. Beat the mixture with a hand blender on low speed until it begins to thicken.

Increase the speed to medium and continue beating for eight to ten minutes, or until solid pinnacles form.

Crush a few ube drops while beating, then keep removing them until the desired tone is achieved.

To avoid collapsing the cream mixture, delicately layer in the macapuno strips and gently spread them out.

Blend should be placed in a 9 x 5 portion dish. Cover with plastic film, gently pressing it against the cream mixture’s top layer.

Freeze for a minimum of six hours or temporarily. Use frozen.

Vanilla or Coconut Ice cream

You can use either of these two flavored ice creams to make the base. Use the best quality you can find. The creamier the better. No additional heavy cream is needed.

Ube Flavor

There are two ways to make a purple yam-flavored ice cream:

  1. Ube extract – the easiest and most convenient way of adding ube flavor to the base ice cream. I recommend using the gel or paste kind for a concentrated flavor.
  2. Ube halaya – use store-bought or homemade ube halaya. On top of adding flavor and this adds a bit of starchy texture to the ice cream.

How to Make Ube Ice Cream

No complicated steps here. It’s just a matter of mixing the store-bought ice cream and the flavor until the mixture is thoroughly combined.Ube Macapuno Ice Cream


2 cups weighty cream, freezing

1 can (14 ounces) of dense milk, chilled

1 cup ube, cooked, squashed, and chilled

3 drops ube remove

1 cup macapuno strips, flushed and depleted well

How to Serve Ube Ice Cream

Serve in a bowl, cup, or ice cream cone. Growing up in the Philippines, we enjoy any ice cream sandwiched in a wafer or bread. Try it! So good!

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