Yema Recipe

mouthwateringly sweet treats encased in eye-popping cellophane. This yema recipe will win over any Filipino, young or old, whether you make it at home or purchase it from a shop or market. It even ranks among my top 3 favorite Filipino desserts, in my opinion.

One of the things that make yema the most recognizable is its golden yellow color, which is thick, sticky, and oh-so-sweet. We adore yema, a Filipino dessert named after the Spanish word for “egg yolk.” According to some accounts, egg whites were added to a construction mix during the time of the Spaniards to increase the durability of newly constructed churches. Consequently, a lot of egg yolks were wasted. When they combined the remaining yolks and sugar, =

Yema persisted in becoming a popular dessert among Filipinos, and they started to customize it. The components used are included in this. When the Filipinos discovered how to boil milk, they added another ingredient to the dish, giving it the beloved, almost butterlike flavor.

Yema Recipe

It follows that egg yolk is the meaning of the word yema. However, it’s interesting to note that the yema in this recipe doesn’t call for any egg yolk. You can make your own homemade yema candy at home using only condensed milk and roasted peanuts.

Even though the holiday season is over, there is never a bad time to give those around you some sweets to snack on. The yema I’m used to making has large pieces. They make wonderful presents for friends, coworkers, and even close family members. However, in moderation, these delectable treats can also assist you in starting your own small business. With this simple recipe, you can quickly have people lining up to buy your yema candy.

Yema can come in lots of different shapes. One of the most popular is the pyramid-shaped ones I am making in this recipe. My recipe for Yema Balls has the candy in a round shape, perfect for just popping in your mouth. Those have a longer prep time because there are more ingredients. But from small rectangles to cubes to even trapezoidal pieces, yema can be enjoyed in any shape. Let me know how you like to shape your yema.

How to make yema candy

This homemade yema recipe only calls for two essential components, as I already mentioned. These consist of 3 tablespoons of chopped peanuts and 2 small cans of condensed milk. Others give the well-known sweet treat a twist by adding ingredients like sea salt, crushed cookies, and even chili pepper, but you can never go wrong with the classics!

I look for the least expensive peanuts I can find. Yema is a very flexible recipe, though. The recipe still tastes great even if you omit the nuts or can’t eat them because of allergies.

Want a more sosyal version? Try substituting the peanuts for (skinless) almonds! But no matter what kind of nuts you’re using for your yema candy, make sure that they’re slightly roasted enough that their color is a lovely golden brown.

Once you’ve chopped your nuts and finished roasting them in your pan, set them aside. Pour in your 2 cans of condensed milk and let it boil at medium heat. Then, stir it consistently for 10 minutes.

Yema Recipe

Reduce the heat after 10 minutes and stir in the chopped nuts for an additional 10 minutes. Nothing beats the sticky, paste-like texture of yema; consistency is key.

The moment your yema reaches that consistency, transfer it to a bowl. Then, start cellophane-wrapping each of your candies individually. You are free to cut your cellophane in any size you choose; I had mine cut in 44 dimensions. Your desired yema’s size will determine how to proceed. Your hands might need to get a little sticky during this part, but it will all be worth it! You now have your very own unique homemade yema once you’ve finally allowed your sweets to cool down!

Because it contains a dairy product, it is best to refrigerate your yema and consume them, if not right away, at least a few days after. If you want to add a little more variety to your dessert spread, there are several other Filipino desserts –– from leche flan to polvoron to pastillas –– that can appeal to your and your loved ones’ preferences.

Enjoy! Let me know what you –– and your loved ones –– think.

Yema Recipe


  • Chop the peanuts. Set aside.
  • Pour condensed milk into a cooking pot. Let boil. Stir constantly while boiling for 10 minutes.
  • Lower the heat. Add chopped peanuts. Continue cooking while stirring for another 10 minutes or until the consistency becomes paste-like.
  • Transfer yema mixture to a bowl.
  • Start wrapping the yema candies individually on a pre-cut cellophane. (Note: The dimensions of my cellophane were 4×4 inches. You can decrease the dimension for smaller candies.)
  • Let it cool down before eating. Share and enjoy!

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